CITIC Capital Partners Raises JPY30B for the Third Japanese Buyout Fund


According to, CITIC Capital Partners, a PE investment division of CITIC Capital Holdings Limited, has completed financing for the third Japanese buyoutfund, CITIC Capital Japan Partners, L.P. (“CCJP ” for short), which hasa total size of JPY30B, on February 7. 


It’slearnt that CCJP III has attracted institutional investors from both Japan and other countries, including sovereign wealth funds, large financial institutions, pension funds and FOFs. As for the amount of financing, CITIC said “it’s oversubscribed and the final amount is far bigger than the initial goal of JPY25B.” 


Zhang Yichen, Board Chairman and CEO of CITIC Capital Partners, said, “The great support from both established and new investors is quite encouraging. On one hand, that fully affirms our excellent performance in Japan’s PE investment market; On the other hand, thanks to the rich resources and extensive networking of CITIC Capital Partners in China, we will have many investment opportunities in helping Japanese enterprises expand presence in overseas markets. We expect to further cement our position in Japan through the third Japanese buyout fund.” 


CCJPIII has by far completed investment in three projects, i.e. the women’s clothes brand MARK STYLER, the women’s shoes retailer Akakura and a leading diagnostic drug manufacturer in Japan.CITIC Capital Partners expects the fund will invest in about ten projects. Besides manufacturing, the fund will also focus on consumer goods and services, both of which will benefit from China’s strong momentum of growth as it is undergoing structural reforms and increasingly relying on domestic demand to drive economic growth.


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