Hugo Shong: Investors Are Always Challenging 80/20 Principle

By Touzirenshuo

 Similarto fights that stress on the pace of assault or suspension, investments alsoemphasize on the timings of rushing to seize opportunities or slowing down.


Firstof all, we should see whether the market involved by the startup project is bigenough; In other words, entrepreneurs should find the right market. I alwaysbelieve that entrepreneurs are just like drifting on a rubber boat; if you areoriented to the sea, you just need to vigorously row forward, and climb aboardagain if capsized, and will finally reach the sea.


Butif you only row into a rivers or lake at last, we would generally not make aninvestment. In particular, when an entrepreneur sticks to a small field, wewould tend to give up; even if he ranks first in the market, we would not makean investment because of the small market size.


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