Innovation Layer M&As on New Third Board Arouse Attention


 When the beginning of 2016, the supervisor has intensified supervision foracquisation and reorganization. Especially after new regulations wereissued in June, the M&As and restructuring among the listed companies on MainBoard, Small and Medium Enterprise Board and ChiNext as well as the companieson New Third Board encountered failure frequently. "Change on securitiesmarket" has become one of the most important factors hindering majorassets reorganization. 


Based on data, fromJanuary 1, 2016 to June 30, 2016, 949 assets reorganizations are announced bythe companies listed on New Third Board, 494 of which are completed or inprogress, involving a total value of RMB33.26M. 


Accordingto acquisition type, the acquisitions on New Third Board are mainly dividedinto five classes: listed companies acquire the companies on New Third Board; thecompanies on New Third Board acquire listed companies; listed companies acquirelisted enterprises; limited liability companies acquire the companies on New ThirdBoard to be listed; and industrial M&A made by the companies on New Third Board.


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