No. of NEEQ-Listed Enterprises Hit a New High over 7,000

By China Business News

 The number of listed enterprises onthe New Third Board rose to over 7,000 on May 5, from that in the two monthsago, i.e. 6,000. Moreover, the amount of fundraising and planned fundraisingamount also climbed. However, it’s maybe not a good news for the companieslisted on the New Third Board, but means more difficulties in supervision andsystem design. 

Since this year, a private placementwith nearly RMB50B involved has been completed on the New Third Board. Itseemed that sluggish secondary market hasn’t affected the enthusiasm of theprimary market. According to insiders, because the primary market has certaindelayed effects and the listing threshold has been gradually raised, it’sbetter for the enterprises to go public early. 


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